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Passive House

At eHome Spain we are specialists in the design and development of passive housing and we have years of experience in the creation of sustainable homes. Thanks to the use of the exclusive Compoplak material and our innovative construction system, we were able to develop sustainable homes with magnificent designs and the latest integrated technologies.
We take care of every detail of all our projects, and we always seek to exceed expectations with our eHomes, creating unique spaces and homes in which to enjoy.

Passive housing was born in Germany as a concept of self-sufficient housing with which to achieve great savings by achieving energy efficiency.

These homes, already used throughout the world, can save their owner up to 90% of their energy bill. Besides being a great saving, this type of housing integrates perfectly with its surroundings and, both during the construction process and in the finished property, the environment is respected by integrating the natural elements into the habitability of the eHomes.

The energy demand of a passive household is especially low. In order to comply with the passivhaus standard, a home must meet a series of efficiency parameters that guarantee its sustainability. In the case of homes located in Mediterranean climates, the passive house must meet the following demands to be considered a passive dwelling:

Maximum demand for heating
0 kW h/m2 year
Maximum demand for refrigeration
0 kW h/m2 year
The maximum tightness of the outer envelope must not be greater than 0.6 volumes / h (measured under a pressure of 50 Pascals).
Maximum consumption of primary energy for heating, cooling, domestic hot water (DHW) and electricity, 120kWh / m2 year.
With these figures we can imagine the low consumption that a house of these characteristics demands, drastically reducing the monthly expenditure to be made in concepts such as air conditioning.
Homes such as our Live or Engawa models meet the necessary standards to be considered passive housing, and have a careful design that, together with the avant-garde Compoplak used, is a guarantee of quality.

Our eHome

Japanese air house. It has 135 m2 of covered roof, distributed in a spacious living room-kitchen-integrated, three bedrooms, one of them suite

from 214.630 €


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Ideal for those people who are looking to have a second residence or simply do not need to have many meters. It will be that comfortable home that will make you feel the incredible symbiosis that exists between you and nature.

from 70.980 €

eHome LIVE

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The peculiarity of this house is the overlapping of the floors, which has been studied to the millimeter. The position of the upper floor has been played with to help the entry of natural light and ventilation of each room.

from 397.150 €


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This eHome is wonderful. Disposal on a single floor, facing south, this wonderful home, is a passivhaus with a brutal Mediterranean air.

from 223.080 €

eHome JOY

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