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eHome Peace
eHome Peace2

This typology of Japanese-style housing is based on two fundamental pillars, the luminosity in all its rooms and the utility of all its meters.

It is a very comfortable distribution, where we make good use of the spaces, and eliminate corridors. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms and the kitchen as the centerpiece of the dining room and living room.

A peculiarity of this house is the intense luminosity that acts as the protagonist in it, thanks to two key points; Its opening to the front terrace, which makes it fully integrated into the interior of the house thanks to its windows and which will be semi-covered. And as a second key point, the sloping gabled roof, this is on two levels, allowing light to enter the bedroom area.

A very original and different house, for lovers of the Japanese style.

127.00 m2


from 214.630 €


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